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What type of charger do I need and is there enough electrical supply to install one?

These and many more questions should be what anyone getting into the electric vehicle market can get answers to. EVready can help, providing custom tailored solutions for EV charging. Charging EVs and getting the right solution for your needs can be challenging for new owners. EVready says misinformation on how charging systems work abound. The New Zealand firm, backed by Ester Electrical and Momentum Electrical, says some clients have been quoted charging products by others that are far over spec’d for their needs.

This boils down to many installers having a lack of understanding on how the chargers work and a lack of knowledge on how to design a system that works for you, Kevin McClatchy of Momentum and Kyle Esterhuizen of Ester say.

“We decided we wanted to change this to help make the move to electric vehicles as easy and straight forward as possible for everyone, from residential homes, to businesses and buildings.”

EVready is dedicated solely to the supply and installation of EV chargers and providing charging solutions. “We offer a unique custom turn-key solution for everything charging related to help keep your battery full and your wheels turning,” they say. Solutions can range from simple plug and play charging at home to more complicated multiple charger commercial set ups with online monitoring.

Esterhuizen and McClatchy are both highly experienced electricians who run electrical contracting businesses based in Auckland. “We have always had a keen enthusiasm for the EV market and are big supporters of the cleaner energy movement,” McClatchy says. “After meeting with many charging industry leaders over the years to get solutions for our own clients, we decided by pooling our resources we would be able to offer a unique service to help grow and drive the market change.”

So, what type of charger do you need? This comes down to what you would like to use the charger for. For simple home or single unit installs we normally suggest a single phase 7.4kW unit, McClatchy says. For multiple chargers you would use a similar size unit but with a integrated load sharing function so you don’t overload your supply.

Do I have enough electrical supply to install a charger? Certainly, any house or building with an electrical connection has enough supply to charge a car. How fast it can charge the car, however, will depend on how much spare loading is available which can also be a question of when you intended to charge your car.

All the chargers EVready supplies can be programmed from a phone or computer on a schedule so it will turn on at low power consumption periods and off again in peak power periods. Can I have multiple chargers? Yes, you can! This is very easy to do and all chargers we install have a fully integrated monitoring system for billing and management, McClatchy says. Any other questions about EV charging are welcome too.

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