Residential EV Charger Installation

Evready is here to help with our in-house, experienced charger installers. We know our way around a switchboard and exactly how to provide an outstanding level of service.
We can also complete any other electrical service work you need at home at the same time.

Getting an EV charger installed in your home is an easy, 3-step process. See below and if you have any questions give us a call or just send us what you can and we will be in touch to fill in the rest of the details.

EV Ready - EV Charger Installer

Step One

Scroll to the bottom of these three steps and click the "Get an Online Quote" button, this will take you through to an online form to fill outwith all your required details. We will need a photo of your switchboard and a wide area picture of the location you want your charger.

Step Two

You will then either receive a quote via email, or one of our support staff will then contact you to arrange an on-site meeting to check your exact requirements if needed.

Step Three

Our NZ registered Electricians come and install your new EV charger, cleanly and efficiently in your preferred location

Get an Online Quote Get an Online Quote

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