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EVready not only provides the charging equipment, our team of fully qualified and trained electricians can do the install for you. We hold certified installer statuses with all of the suppliers of chargers we offer. We have been involved with vehicle charging since the beginning and know everything there is to know. Not only that but in being fully qualified electricians we know the best way to safely install your charger onto your home electrical grid.
We offer full on site training on how to use and interact with your EV charger while also making sure it is compliantly tested and signed off. We make the process of getting your EV charger and getting you charged as easy as one click.

Home EV Charger Installer

Residential EV Charger

EVready is here to help, our in-house installers are all qualified electricians by trade.

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Commercial EV Charger Installation

Commercial EV Charger

From full carpark installs, to shared EV spaces, and private chargers in carparks. We can help.

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Public EV Charger Installation

Public EV Charger in Retail Areas

Want to increase foot traffic to your business? Want to improve dwell times in your retail space?

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Ev Charger Maintenance

EV Charger Maintenance

Public EV chargers are required to have periodic inspections. These are recommended to be done every 12 months.

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