Ev Charger Network Design

Consultation for EV Installations

With so many products and so much information around EV charging it can be hard to know where to start. To help make things easier we offer a consultation and design solution to help make the right designs for your building or business when it comes to EV charging.
Some but not all of the questions we can answer are:

  1. What type of chargers do we need?
  2. Do We have enough electrical supply?
  3. How many chargers can we have?
  4. How do we measure the electricity cost?
  5. What product on the market is best suited to our needs?
  6. What would be the cost involved?

This is just a small summary of what we can offer. We will do an indepth report for you and you building and outline answers to all your major questions. We will also provide a proposal with the report for the cost of the works and if we believe there is a better product more suited for your needs we will put you in touch with the right people.

Design of your EV charging Network

In conjunction with the consultation outlined above we can provide the design of your electrical system to get your building Evready. This can include wiring diagrams and reports on current power usage including peak amps and hours. We can also design the network grid that will allow the chargers speak to a server to update their charge status and information.

OCPP Implementation

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