Public EV Charger Installs

Want to improve dwell times in your retail space? Or maybe you want to help offset your businesses carbon footprint? Evready can help you achieve  just that!

Much like our commercial installs installing an EV charger to offer to the public is very similar. However there are a couple more rules and regulations to be aware of. We can guide you and help to take care of all the necessary safety and laws around offering a public EV charging station. Evready can design, supply, monitor, manage and setup your electric vehicle charger to increase shoppers dwell times and help convey to the public your businesses stance on clean, green, renewable energy.

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Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers

EVready is here to help, our in-house installers are all qualified electricians by trade.

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Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

From full car park installs, to shared EV spaces, and private chargers in car parks. We can help.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Maintenance

Public EV chargers are required to have periodic inspections. These are recommended to be done every 12 months.

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