Commercial EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are here to stay and will be around for many years to come. Many businesses and buildings are looking to be able to facilitate EV charging at their premises. Evready specialises in offering a range of solutions for businesses and buildings that will integrate flawlessly into their current electrical system. We can help explain the in's and outs of the charging system and insure you are getting the maximum value out of your chargers

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EV Ready Commercial EV Charger Installer

Design Services

Get Evready onboard before your project commences. We can help with designing an EV network that will fit you and your buildings needs. Whether that be a new commercial apartment or an old office block from the 1900s. We can offer designs that incorporate scheduling, dynamic power management, load sharing, and more. We understand the technology inside and out, we can produce a cost effective charging solution for your needs. Every building should have a EV management and design plan in place to prevent overloading of supply. Talk to us today to get your building Evready.

New Commercial Builds

A lot of EV proposals get put on the back burner because engineers and architects are unaware of the load sharing and management options afforded by modern electric vehicle charging technology. By Getting Evready on board early in the design process we can assist in removing the need to increase incoming supply to buildings, supply transformer upgrades and switchboard upgrades. Saving your project cost while getting the end result you need. We can carry out all the wiring compliantly ourselves and certify and test all our circuits, providing all the necessary documentation needed at the end of the job.

Existing Buildings

We regularly install EV chargers in existing buildings especially older apartments. Due to the older buildings having a limited electrical supply available EV chargers can create issues down the road if not carried out by people who understand it or are not following a certified design. We can design, supply and install a solution to suit your buildings exact needs while taking care to manage the loading on the supply so there are no issues down the road.

The process is simple and straightforward:

Existing Apartment Buildings

  1. EVready meets with your building manager on-site to discuss initial requirements and EV charger locations.
  2. We design and price a few different options accommodate your exact needs and budget.
  3. Meet and present our proposal to your body corporate at their AGM.
  4. Once we have the go-ahead our NZ registered Electricians will then fit your new EV chargers, cleanly and efficiently in your preferred locations. Your chargers are then signed off, certified and ready to charge!

Everything Else

There is not a building we have come across we have not been able to put an EV charger in, send us your design and your plan for the charging and lets work together to get you and your building charging forward.

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EV Home Charger Installation

Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers

EVready is here to help, our in-house installers are all qualified electricians by trade.

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Public EV Charger Installation

Public Electric Vehicle Chargers in Retail Areas

Want to increase foot traffic to your business? Want to improve dwell times in your retail space?

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EV Charger Maintenance

Electric Vehicle Charger Maintenance

Public EV chargers are required to have periodic inspections. These are recommended to be done every 12 months.

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