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With so many different plug types it can be hard to find which one is right for your needs. In New Zealand Type 1 & Type 2 plug types have established themselves as a standard in EV charging cables with the Type 2 also known as the mennekes, now being recognized as the standard in New Zealand. Type 1 charging plugs sometimes called J1772 are mainly used in electric vehicles manufactured by Japanese and some american automakers. Electric vehicles from European manufacturers usually have a Type 2 charging plug as this is also their standard plug. We expect the Type One plug will eventually be phased out by manufacturers due to the Type 2 plug having much greater advantages. This is due to the fact that Type 1 plugs can only support single phase charging. The Type 2 plug can do single-phase, two-phase, and even three-phase charging, which is far more versatile for a larger range of EV cars.

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