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Electric vehicle charging cables and charging plugs are considered to be particularly safe. Fortunately to date, there have been no electric shocks or fatal accidents involving electric vehicles. This is because the potentially lethal current and line voltage will only be released if the charging plug has been securely locked in the electric vehicle and there is no fault detected between the charger and the car. The charging units “talk” with your electric vehicle via signal contacts in the charging cable. Should a fault or something unexpected occur in any part of the charging system, the connection is cut off in a fraction of a second. For instance, if you accidentally drive your vehicle over the charging cable while it is unplugged, or an unplugged and damaged cable gets wet it should pose no immediate threat even when the charging unit is “live” or powered on. We should also mention that all our chargers have cables that are much more durable than normal power cables so the risk of damaging it in this way is relatively low. You have to be creative to do something wrong when handling the charger, even in the rare instances a fault did occur, the chargers have some of the highest safety protection avalible. All our chargers come with in built DC leakage detection that is supplementary to the DC and AC leakage detection we also install with the charger. This is so you can rest assured knowing your charger is the safest it can possibly be for your home or business.

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